Find Exciting, New Treasures at a Storage Facility

Many people have seen the television show where people are bidding on storage units to see what they can purchase. This occurs when the person who rented the unit is behind on payments and has abandoned the storage facility. It’s a way for the manager of the facility to clear out the unit so they can rent it to a different person. It’s also a way for people to find interesting or rare items they can keep or sell. If you enjoy watching these shows or just want to give it a try, it’s easy to find a storage facility that has auctions and make your first bid.


When a person is interested in taking their chance at one of these auctions, they should look at rental unit auctions by looking for a self storage near me. Many different facilities offer these auctions, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find an auction nearby. The Self Storage Hudson FL will let the person know when the auction is going to be and can give them details about how the auction operates. Then, they can decide if they want to participate in the auction and bid on one or more of the storage units that are going to be sold.

The best facilities that offer these auctions are willing to explain exactly how it works to a person who wants to try the auction for the first time. If the person decides to give it a try and wins a storage unit, they typically have a short amount of time to go through the unit and clean it out. They can keep anything they want and throw away or sell anything they don’t need. Once they have won the bid and purchased the unit, they own everything that was stored in the unit. Many people find this is a great way to get a little bit of extra money if they’re careful about the unit they bid on though they may end up keeping some of the items they purchase.

While most people rent a AAA Storage unit so they can keep their items safe, there are times when they abandon the unit or can no longer afford to make the payments. When this happens, the contents of the unit may be auctioned off so they facility can rent the unit to someone else. The people who bid on these units can often find unique, interested or expensive items they can keep or sell.